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ASILA the Festival (Dali) – Φεστιβάλ ΑΣΙΛΑ (Δάλι)

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“ASILA”, a collaborative social and architectural movement, in coorporation with Urban Gorillaz, will provide sustainable infrastructure in Kofinou Refugee Camp, sponsored by AΣΙΛΑ Music Festival. The festival will take place on the 5th of August at Dali. All musicians will be playing voluntarily, in order to provide the team with the main source of income, needed for the task to be accoblished.

As refugees travel to Europe in order to find better living conditions fleeing from war come to Cyprus and other Mediterranean countries paying fortunes to people in order to transport them illegally or legally (depends on their budget) on little boats with a risk of losing their lives.

Not having any possessions families which at the end of the trip might be incomplete if not from before it refugees land in civilized countries that do not intend to help them or close their borders to them.

As the organization’s aim is not to provide these people with money but show them respect and not treat them with grace we want to embrace that and design a dwelling that will be as cheap as possible but be able to provide each family or group of acquaintances with the materials and instructions to build themselves a new life with pride and respectful living conditions. Each dwelling aims to have a design that will allow them have a rather more recreational experience while living at the premises.

In corporation with Urban Gorillaz we have been observing the needs of the Kofinou centre and our team has provided plans for the construction of infrastructure at Kofinou. Asila Music Festival, on the 5th of August in the outskirts of Nicosia, Dali will provide our main source of income which will sponsor the making of the architectural designs.The one day Festival will consist of local Cypriot artists and musicians, volunteering for the cause.

Please support.. just come, have fun and contribute, 3 at 1


18:00-18:45: Bunfyah
19:00-19:45 Rumba Attack
20:00-20:45 Pamplemousse
21:00-21:45 Sandy Brour
22:00-22:45 Monsieur Doumani
23:00-23:45 Averta Liberta

0:00-1:30 Mighty Scoop ft Pueblo Franc
1:30-3:00 True Enforcers of Advance Movement ft DJ IOA
3:00:4:30 DJ Bkas ft Dr Cordoba
4:30-6:00 ACID BUBBLE

0:00-1:30 ΠΡΩΤΕΣ ΥΛΕΣ
1:30-3:00 KINEZA
3:00-4:30 Milk Man
4:30-6:00 Raw Silver ft Billyd

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