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Cyprus Places: Agios Georgios Peyeia Akamas

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Agios Georgios at Pegeia, near the Akamas penisula, is a famous place of pilgrimage in the Paphos region in the west of Cyprus. In this article you will find a short history of Agios Georgios, map and directions as well as photos.

Three early Christian Basilicas and a bath, all 6th century, were excavated in the early 1950s. Later excavations revealed an extensive unwalled settlement that occupied the neck and the south slope of the cape in the Roman and early Christian periods.

The advantageous position of the settlement suggests that it was probably a port of call for ships transporting grain from Egypt to Constantinople. The settlement flourished under Justinian I (527 – 565 A.D.). The necropolis lies at the brow of the cliff with tombs carved into the rock.

The place of pilgrimage of Agios Georgios is located between the site of the basilicas and the necropolis. There is also a small chapel founded in the late 13th early 14th century also named after Agios Georgios. The stone – built church of Agios Georgios was built more recently.

Directions and Map to Agios Georgios Peyeia Akamas

Photos of Agios Georgios Peyeia Akamas

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