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  • Address: Astyanax Building, 7 Ayiou Mamantos Street, Pafos 8049, Cyprus
  • Telephone: +357 7000 8484
  • Website:

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Lifebank Laboratory Ltd is a private limited liability company registered in the Republic of Cyprus and operating in the field of human tissue and stem cell banking since 2003.

The firm’s company-owned laboratory and storage facilities are based in the town of Pafos, Cyprus. Lifebank offers its services in Cyprus, Greece and The Eastern Mediterranean area and operates under a license granted by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus. All blood and tissue samples collected are shipped for processing and cryopreservation at the company’s main facilities in Pafos, Cyprus.

Lifebank also operates with liaison associates in Syria, Germany, Greece and Bulgaria. The full contact details of Lifebank’s liaisons in these countries can be found on the company’s website at

Since its establishment Lifebank closely collaborates with Chaim Sheba Medical Centre, a governmental university hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel. Under this collaboration and as part of an extensive R&D program the two parties have been co-jointly developing new protocols and services in relation to the banking and application of human stem cells.

Lifebank’s current business structure constitutes of four business units:

1. Human tissue and stem cell banking division (Lifebank). The division processes and cryopreserves human tissues and stem cells for future therapeutic applications.

2. Liquid nitrogen production and supply division (Medigas). The division produces liquid nitrogen (Ln2) used internally by the company for the long-term storage of tissues and cells at -196˚C. In addition, the unit supplies liquid nitrogen to all the assisted reproduction units in Cyprus performing in vitro fertilization (IVF) and human embryo freezing.

3. Molecular biology and genetics division (Medgen). The unit specializes on DNA-based diagnostic tests with a large network of collaborating doctors of various specialties across Cyprus. The business unit applies advance molecular biology techniques for the detection of genetic disorders and viral infections in human samples for diagnostic purposes.

4. Animal tissue and cell cryopreservation division (CryoVet). The company’s animal cryopreservation division has signed an exclusive collaboration agreement with the Cyprus Kennel Club for the cryopreservation of canine tissues and cells for reproductive purposes. In addition, the division handles on behalf of animal owners the logistics for the import and/or export of animal tissues and reproductive cells to countries within the European Union, The United States of America and Australia.

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